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4/13/2006, 5:52 PM +04
Dear friends,

I would like to ask the opinion on a chip tunig on my new MPI 2005 Lada Niva.
A chip tuning company shows interesting power and torque increase (on average 5% for both values across the power band) and very interesting petrol savings. The cost of that tuning is around 2100Rub.

What you guys think???

Is the car still covered by its warranty after chip tuning???
How the car goes?
Can I feel the difference?

Whic are the main + and the main -???

Thanks a lot fot the interesting answes in advance.

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4/19/2006, 3:47 PM +04
черный дембель:
что такое MPI я не вкурил - прим. пер.
MPI-Мульти Пойнт Инжэкшн, то бишь многоточечный (распределённый) впрыск [:hello]

ПС Давненько я в этот раздел не заглядывал..

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