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Рег.: 06.12.2004
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19.10.2006, 21:55 +04
Hi all Niva drivers!

The car is needed only for offroad purpuse. The difference that i noticed is the weight off the models where the 2121 and 21211 is 1150 kg the other models 21219,21213,21214,21215, is 1210 kg, so what the difference, from where is the extra weight? Also i know that 21211 have only 1,3 Litre engine, that seem to be to small, but the transmission from 21211 is good for me i think, as i can put on bigger wheels and dont loose so mutch strenght on low speed with the transmission from 21211.. and i dont need the 5:th speed as i will almost only drive offroad..
I also heard that it is possible to reinforce Niva with iron bars so it dont break so fast but i cant find info on this anywhere..
I find a niva from 1987, i think its a 2121 with only 66000 km, in good shape, little rust on wheelhouse edge. prise is about 1.600 euro..

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Рег.: 06.12.2004
Тем / Сообщений: 628 / 51731

16.11.2006, 21:32 +03
разви мятый и ржавый, как ето видеш? ну не смотря на ето какая лудше?
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