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2/11/2007, 3:53 PM +03
Я приветствую ваших детей России!
вы слышите я там в востоке или вы хотеть меня кричит? [:bullhorn] [:bullhorn] [:bullhorn] [:bullhorn]
Я от Греции как и добродетельно и вы приложите технически вышеуказанное в eminent niva нашем!!! [:hello] [:hello]
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5/19/2009, 9:14 PM +04
I make this snorkel for friends niva club in Greece! [:up]…pic.php?f=14&t=271&hilit=σνορκελ
10/13/2009, 11:01 PM +04
Four hours after the end of the 2nd festival and among the thoughts and images that exist in my mind stands a ... ... ... 'could not be a better opportunity for the promotion of our club'.

Let's start things from the beginning!
Friday morning and Apostolos Mantzaris and I arrive at the escort Stephen ATTART.
At the suggestion of Mr. Constantine Athanasius for the space to put together the stand we begin the design of an hour and 'Kerberos' had set up and the other materials.
Direct, arrives the muddy (Apostolos) and helps the final details, such as handling and filling the fridge with the necessities.
Then as' Englishman in his appointment Isidoros arrives exemplary polished and complete dependency `` the petition!
In and the second car ready, we enjoy our coffee afternoon by checking the DVD that will play throughout the duration of the festival.
The first positive reviews did not take long to come from old acquaintance found later in our stand.
Our first interview for our club, and stand up to our known Michael covered the festival.
After, the companions Kostas, Panagiotis and John (friend) arrived and those with the appropriate supplies.
Saturday morning finds the two known suspects along with Basili (many children), taking up from the morning shift again.
The hours and take several companions (John (friend) - muddy - Angel Alexander 4x4, Panagiotis and late afternoon Fotis Tassos - Mantzaris George – Panagiotis - Dimitris (tl), with other supplies.
After the women trial followed (a surprise for us) of niva award for 2008 (as you read yesterday)
They all had a good word to say about us and our stand.
The evening closes (unpredictable for me) and continued good company at home Apostoli (muddy) because I was waiting for me in my home outsize sandal!.
Last day today and the great turnout of people made the place look small.
From early Apostolos, Sophia and I got back shift.
Isidoros later, the old known to many of us, Leonidas Konstantopoulos arrived for coffee and chat.
The flash of photographers and filmmakers of the workshop (Nick promised a ride with Kerberos in an excursion that will cover film
they wanted to capture people and vehicles in our stand, made us feel 'uncomfortable' in front of them.
Panagiotis, the muddy Stelios with his son, the k.Manos went back for second and third time.
The third day passed like water (do you think we get used to;;) and thanking Stephen ATTART for hospitality and John Athanasiou the award of our legend (niva) We left full of feelings of satisfaction and wishes for an even better festival for time!
We thank everyone who found us!
And some photos from me.

Our stand!

11/23/2009, 5:48 PM +03
So just a word to describe the excursion we ..
Yes, it was perfect, so it was a bit long (78 KM soil in my speedometer), so it all (dirt-mud - rock - beautiful scenery), so the food was perfect.
Comrade Costas, with the Phaedon, the design perfectly. We thank them both.

The quotes of the day belongs to George Mantzari. He said ... ....
<I thought it would come with niva and I put my sports shoes>
He realized that he was niva when I needed to get off the outlander in the mud when takare the abdomen.
I must confess, however, that the man with the outlander not complain, nor where and when to pass. (George the next time you give him a niva come back to us).
Foto other .... (Essential because the photographer took 102 Foto) Found a great memory and ... ... ....
Outside the Village Mavromatis (waiting for the other partners)

The square Tithoreas (just before the final departure)

First stop on the need for grandparents (Protector, etc.) ha ha ha!

On our journey to the top of the climb.

First stop on and Foto.

Stop at the first pond and lighting on a separate time.

From here comes the mad.

Pulling the outlander .. (there is also a video)

The little worker could not bear the weight of the outlander and broke ...
A! General hours in the gossip Mantzaraki ... ...

In the area of the camp for evening meals.

Fir trees in some areas was inspired by printed cards.

The same landscape that changes at every turn of the road.

In the tavern and the battle with the KONTOSOUVLI this time!

Here in the muddy uneven battle with the Cake, and Liana in the pan once again kopiase to fix it. We thank her.

Finally good, so good. Go now to the next

More here! ... 8&start=45
12/22/2009, 11:57 PM +03
All were in the program ... or about Saturday ... so we were like ... I remember ... Muddy, Stavros, Maria, Harris, Dimitris, Mantzaraki, Spyros, Christos, I ... 9 cars total.
We went early from the Stool to Bridge Papadias and we got TO Iti. Aaaa! had little glitsa the road, we had a couple psilokollimata which both worker had to apegklovisthoun vehicles, a mine, and a mission, and without damage except a scorched security.
We went Pavliani.
As usual we had to overcome CERTAIN hours so we left behind another planned route (from Sklithro to Pavliani) and headed directly to sinks and from there to the site sources.
Snow less than minimum sink and source up a bit.
There he met 6.7 cars jeep club hellas, and after we exchanged a few words, we moved to the top. Basically we had already captured the camp our alternate location (only 3 cars will eventually spend the night out), so I had a relative stress on the second ... the third will reach nowhere near.
The snow rose as we climb. At the critical intersection was untrodden snow, so after a couple failed attempts to open the road to Giourgou, has put the pocket two front and three women with delicate movements reached (300 meters) to the campsite ... so we say now. .. hut did not camp ...
And after we got all the cars be pressed well the way we can go the other, after the slushy made us the grace and we lit the fire the other fled and we stayed three (Marios + Maria, and John Harris, I + Margaret) to silence us ..
We cut wood, the fireplace ntoumaniasame, Marios and Maria decided to keep the protocol and to sleep in a tent, we stayed inside to watch the fire is not extinguished ..
Hey .. continuity in Christo ... ... ....
As he says, and what more the organizer of this two-day excursion everything went perfect!
From Friday afternoon until today.
The degree of difficulty that would put it would be 8 (eight) for our cars!
I think what the photo below to understand why and what it means to have equipment in vehicles! : wink:
The trip was expensive like that.
Mud glitsa until deep frozen snow.
In a word Teleeeeeeeeia!
Bravo Kosta! Go with the good to repeat it again in the spring, with the scenes this time out!

I will say is how it started the story from yesterday afternoon. We went right at the crossing, but left to come down how soon (fright us) ha ha! : lol:: lol:: lol:
Score becoming entangled within the labyrinthine corridors of Iti above Pavliani and Koumaritsi and be able to go after the sum of points from the 5 '6 gps ......... (each show and a different version, for which we were): o: o: o: o: o: lol:: lol:: lol:: lol: but (with the map as confirmation) to the upper Pavliani to about 6.30 .
But we can not complain because we did and night and parties have seen a couple of times (because we had the same points circling! ???? Ha!!: Lol:: lol:: lol:: lol:)
7.30 Inohori where we were in and were served at the Battle of steak!
Departure of Dimitri (tsep) back to where Pavliani and closed room.
From that moment the middle lights Dimitris not reignite!
A new problem in Dimitri on Sunday mornings, forced him to leave early to Athens. Along the left and after Spiro wanted to go to Kalamata in the afternoon.
Stavros then and he wanted to leave early.
The Mantzaraki also so me too, to go up on to our appointment. (which was not the case I do if I was on my own, with children in!)
So we chose to climb up to the Chalet Pavliani and from there to go to Athens after that 12.00 -13.00 noon.
This is of course not because we immediately upon entering our soil and 20 meters after the first light gluing the cross came to destroy the sender!
The gluing was so good that we had almost three times the hours to trot out the ditch with the front system Toli to squint in the north and south. It emerged after using mine worker and his own because he brought with rollers and half mountain with him, we found the problem and that the only solution was to transfer to a road assistance!
Having arranged the whole process for me and I left Athens with the present day reaches ingloriously the morning. : (: (
The only consolation I am, that something, the memories of yesterday's amazing journey, something the consecutive use of the workers who worked as they deserve, which I had the nonchalance throughout the route (non-manager of the tour) I left the best impression the mountain of Hercules!
So I lay and Foto ... ... ..

Lighting moments in the journey

Colors of Friday afternoon just before the Livadia!

Inohori at dawn!

The first pirouette at downward glitsa, we said good morning under the bridge ... `` Papadias and Kostas to instruct the Mantzaraki!

The entire battle group to the jury, as to which download straight!!
The Mister is a straight download Dimitris (tsep) in this journey!

How to enlarge your tire in two sizes in width and height!
Something donuts, remind me! Ha ha! : lol:: lol:: lol:: lol:: lol:

The bridge is 150 meters higher than what the road ....

The footsteps of our sta huge carved deep grooves of Iti

Marios chose the difficult ascent of the route!

The first snow just before I took the `Hercules`

Going to 'sink'

Crossing the streams in Livadia Iti ``

Waiting for the other to a cross!
The thermometer shows 0,3 c:? :;

The untrodden snow and ice 25 points, and the palm to go for what 100 meters above the 17ari Kostas!

Here what tired .. needed the assistance of the laborer to move its position in the 2.0tro Dimitri to get to the hut!

The snow deepens and how much rates reminiscent botiliariza Patission in rush hour!

The landscape, however, make us forget the fatigue and cold!

Finally the court of Sale' ``: wink:: wink: after two and half hours shovel successive back and forth for the opening of the ditches needed to reverse the vehicles that departed late what!

After leaving the chalet while sourouponei enter into the heart of Iti!

The identification mission in a ditch ... ...

Later, the extra lights turned salvation in the deep darkness, and the major powers have shown their worth by working outside of Russia ... ..


Sunday morning and leaving the hostel

Twenty meters from the asphalt Mission dive into the deep, and the workers get back on the case on their hands ... with apologies to the wire!
Come foolish for a coffee to go and will go fast!
First attempt and towing company back the 8aris my worker without pulley could not download the mission with the mountain!

Tris hours in the same place and out which of the trend we see that the wheels do not follow the parallel ... ...

Tele. to ELPA ... ... ....

The title of Mister Trend won the Mission for the weekend! : lol:: lol:: lol:

A small slip, but all kalaaaa.

One stop to rest ......

Come children, anifooooooraaaaaaaaaa

'Come on another line.

Finally we pull the ditches!

Marios excelled! But the others have and change elsewhere!

Muddy with all the !!!!!

And the journey continues entering slowly in the snow!!

Shortly before, we had met and cherokee club over a century we were known.

Putting a stop to peel off the little jimny!!! E! We drink and a coffee from the hands of Vicky and Stavros!

We found and a friendly dog, which probably had been let go there ...

Arriving at the shelter, where 3 of 9 cars camped.

After our departure from the shelter,
Another Photo from the place of refuge. We pass kalaaaaaaaaa!

And we depart.
E! street PSILO lost, but a good heart!

In the evening the hostel and enjoy your food!

On Sunday morning just before leaving the hostel.

A ride before goodbye beautiful Inohori.

More here!


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12/23/2009, 12:52 AM +03

(I corrected your links).

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Алексей aka ALER.

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12/24/2009, 6:02 PM +03
Wow [:up] [:up]

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3/7/2010, 10:46 PM +03
Мужики,спросите кто английский знает - выкройки бампера (на зеленой ниве) не сохранились? Может xristost может их прислать? а то я так спросил,что xristost решил я охранников на их сайт решил натравить [:oops]


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7/14/2010, 10:15 PM +04
Hello from Greece and Athens!!!
My name is Nikos, and I have an "wild animal";) NIVA EVEREST 21214 , mod 2008 .
I am member of Hellenic NIVA owners CLUB , too.
I wish and hope in a good cooperation on future.
Thanks, for your "filoxenia"

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7/14/2010, 10:23 PM +04

Прочитать всем! «МАТ или КЛОН МАТА — сразу БЛОК!»

Алексей aka ALER.

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7/14/2010, 10:53 PM +04
Thank you ALER.

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7/14/2010, 11:01 PM +04
Why are all short cornfield, you have vases of 2131 are not available, or for your goals do not fit?


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7/14/2010, 11:18 PM +04
My friend , I will try tommorow ,to send some photo from my NIVA.
Sorry but I am not so good , to send image photo!!! [:(] [:(]
7/15/2010, 10:57 PM +04
Some photo of my "animal":

Posted after 6 minutes 55 seconds:

..and I have a question?????
Do you have find any solution for the meter tank(level of gazoline)????
Because all NIVA have this problem!!!! [:(]

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7/15/2010, 11:40 PM +04
Your injection machine, you need to put on-board computer, which controls including fuel consumption. You need on-board computer for the injector Bosch M7.9.7 +.

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7/21/2010, 10:37 PM +04
Aler, the type of trip computer is Bosch7.9.7. but never the indication, is not correct, because change the level of tank, every five minutes and when turn steering wheel left or right!!!
For the "cat - behemoth":
When buyed the "animal" two years ago, the model was "EVEREST", but I put many accessories of LADA or "after".
In Greece, the authority company of LADA, don't bring other models.Only the 2121 and2121- 4 and .... gazoline!!! NO DIESEL !!!.. and three doors!!!
I don't Know ,.... why ???????.
Niva 4x4 / Нивовод нивоводу — брат / World Wide Niva / Hello from Greece!!!!