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Name: Ib Erik Söderblom
Reg.: 1/6/2018
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From: Denmark
Car: Former Niva 1979, 1984

1/19/2018, 7:37 PM +03
In general, diesel is HATED in western Europe !
More and more cities have and will later put restrictions on diesels.
Effectively banning them from cities.
It will only include more and more cities in the years to come.
Thats one thing !

Second: The Peugeot diesel is quite good and robust, but only 54hp as opposed to the petrol versions 80+ hp's.
Used in terrain, the torque of the diesel and its ability to not cutting out is fine.
But is 54 hp's really enough?

What engine do you prefer, and why?

Reg.: 7/6/2017
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From: Москва
Car: 2121 1990

1/19/2018, 7:56 PM +03
We have no choise. Only petrol in domestic market, diesel for export. Usually 80 hp not enough.
My choise is a diesel Freel[:hello]
Niva only for fan[:D]
Why you hate diesel? It's has better efficiency and less emissions.

Reg.: 6/25/2015
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From: Иваново
Age: 52
Car: 212140, 2014 г., Multitronics MPC-800; 2131, 2011г.

1/19/2018, 10:35 PM +03
I don't prefer, I am adapting to the existing. Consumer society dictates their own rules.
I want simple, reliable, durable, maintainable, long-life car.
Consumer society offer me fashionable car with planned obsolescence.
«is 54 hp's really enough?» - for what purposes? It is enough for me, but this engine is not available to me. In addition to these, the gasoline engine is easier modified to operate on gas.

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Name: Ib Erik Söderblom
Reg.: 1/6/2018
Topics / Posts: 1 / 2
From: Denmark
Car: Former Niva 1979, 1984

1/20/2018, 11:56 AM +03

Thanks for answering.
The 80hp petrol engine does its job ok.
I've had two Niva's, both petrol.
Now looking for a third :-)
I've found a diesel, but need to hear from people with experience from diesel-Niva's.
It has to be at least as good in terrain as the petrol.

And then there is the problem with future restrictions on diesel cars in western Europe.
More and more cities are being closed for diesel cars, as particle emissions from diesels are dangerously high (no vw).
1/20/2018, 12:10 PM +03
I want the same kind of car :-)
If 54 hp's is enough, I think its an important question for an off-road car, to be used ocasionally off-road.
Caractheristics for petrol and diesel are quite different,so I need to hear from people with real diesel-experience.

The problem with restrictions and extra taxing on diesel cars, is only because I have a daily commute, that takes me through a major city center (Copenhagen). To and from work...

Reg.: 12/6/2004
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From: Москва
Age: 70
Car: 21214M, 2013 гв.

1/20/2018, 12:35 PM +03
I will say that the current petrol engine, 83 HP (injector e-gas) very good. Much better than any of the old engines Niva.

And about the diesel engines we know only by hearsay: all cars with diesel engines was exported to Europe. It was a mandatory condition for supply of diesel engines of Peugeot in Russia. Therefore, in Russia Niva with the diesel engine, almost not at all.

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