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Name: jbp
Reg.: 12/8/2019
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Age: 55
Car: 21214 2011

12/8/2019, 4:27 AM +03
Hello forum members

I am new on this forum
I live in France, happy owner of a Lada Niva 2011
Car runs great

I have a rear seat problem : the previous owner had the back seat taken off. When I got the car, I got the rear seat cushion and the rear seat back, but unfortunately rear seat back brackets are missing, as per the list below

+ 21214-6820066-00
+ 21214-6820067-00сиденье-заднее-lada-4x4-urban/

+ 11180-6824090-00 X2

+ 21214-6820210
Especially, the floor attachement is missing, it is not listed as a separated part from rear seat

Would anyone on the forum know where I can find a seller for these parts, that would be willing to ship to France?
And does anyone here has a precise picture or drawing with dimensions for the floor bracket, so I can weld them myself if I can't source them?

Thank you so much for your help
Floor attachment
bracket 21214-6824085.jpg
bracket 21214-6824085.jpg
rear seat back bracket
rear seat back lock
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