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21.02.2006, 7:14 +03
First of all, I'd like to welcome all Niva fans around the world to our site! [:hello]

We have a complete catalog of Niva spare parts here. It's been only in Russian till now, but it is being translated into English at the moment. You can find it here:

We have just 4 index pages translated at the moment (one of them is main catalog index and the others are indexes for respective model groups) I am working on part lists translation, but it's a hard work, so, please be patient [:)]

Nevertheless, even these 4 pages can make it a bit easier to understand for you.

1920см², MPSZ-II, ComeUp 6000s, KYB UltraSR, 95Ah, Беркут R20, лифт, ГП 4,3, Cooper STT PRO 31x10,5, СРПМ:VR 6кг, РЗМ: жёсткая
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