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Рег.: 06.12.2004
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04.06.2008, 15:16
i saw on your site these picture,do know somebody the firm of fabrication of the air in take(snorkel)?can you buy it in Europe?


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04.06.2008, 21:59
If anyone could tell me the name of the manufacturer, I will send it to your place in Belgium. But I actually have never seen this thing on Niva's.


Рег.: 06.12.2004
Тем / Сообщений: 639 / 51825

06.06.2008, 17:05
11.06.2008, 19:03
nobody?this is the owner of the niva

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11.06.2008, 19:57

кто-нибудь знает производителя этого шноркеля и где взять в Европе.

Here is one that looks more or less similar:

However, some people claim build quality is poor.

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