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Рег.: 09.09.2008
Тем / Сообщений: 1 / 1
Откуда: P.R.China
Возраст: 46
Авто: BA3-2121(Niva)

10.09.2008, 18:27
I had the Niva be3-2121, I replaced by omega engine 2.0L(125HP), additional the Power Steering, Air Condition (So Cool in summer),5 Speed gearbox.

1. Opel Omega Engine 2.0L
2. GM Air Condition Pump
3. Polonez 5 Speed Gear Box
4. VW Jetta Air Condition Blower
5. VW Jetta Power Steering Unit
6. Mitsubishi Outlander Radiator
7. Hyundai Elantra Radiator Fan
8. Citroen Steering Fluld Tank
9. VW Passat Expansion Tanks
This my Niva


Рег.: 16.03.2005
Тем / Сообщений: 20 / 564
Откуда: Красноярск
Возраст: 35
Авто: Нива 2121 93 г, 1,6 л, Озон, И-511, КПП 4х ст., РеШнива GLC 2012, 1,7i

10.09.2008, 19:39
Welcome to our forum and community!
You have a nice hybrid! [:)]

Привет из Красноярска!
Соблюдайте Правила форума!


Имя: Megatron
Рег.: 25.07.2016
Тем / Сообщений: 3 / 6
Откуда: Spain
Возраст: 38
Авто: Niva 2003

12.09.2016, 18:33

Congratulations Catcalls!

I am impressed by the modifications you have made.

I am also thinking about an engine swap for my Niva 2003 1.7i. But I don't have the skills nor the tools to do it on my own.

Is there any chance you could tell me more about your changes?

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